Calvary Assembly of God

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We are people from all walks of life who are followers of Jesus Christ.  If you are looking for a place to feel welcomed and accepted,  we encourage you to come see us!  You will find these are some things we value...


We are followers of Jesus Christ in the real world. So, our messages are relevant and practical. We receive help with the issues we all face and are transformed to be God's best.


We like to celebrate; to enjoy laughter together. That happens when we delight in God through worship. Our song services are inspiring and joyful. It's a pleasure to come to church!


Nobody's perfect here. So,  we are growing in our love for our families, friends, and acqaintences.  We are all fellow humans who share God's love.


Jesus is just too great to keep him to ourselves.  Bringing others closer to Jesus; experiencing a new life in Him is what we live for!


When in need, it's good to have those who will help. At times, we all need some sort of help.  Then it's fun to return the favor to others!


Who we are...